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COROB also means a global after-sales service that is a key factor for supporting the successful business of our customers. COROB Select Paint. The COROB™ D50 is available in versions with 12, 16, 20 or 24 canisters.

1 Prerequisites 91 12. What makes the COROB™ FIRST 70 immediately stand out is its exterior professional look, combined to being extremely strong and at the same time, adaptable for the. With a simple and intuitive user interface, COROBTINT Basic can manage formulas from your tinting system or make custom formulas in few steps. 2 G) Colorant compatibility: Water, Universal, Solvent: Water, Universal, Solvent: Footprint m² (ft²) From 1,13 (12.

Fluid Management’s manual dispensing equipment is built to last. Pump per canister: Single for 2,5l/5l Sequential-Simultaneous // Double for 5l Simultaneous, Colorant base compatibility: Decorative and Industrial- Water, Universal and Solvent Accessories: LCD Monitor, CPU, Label printer, Users manual. HERO Manual Paint Tint Colorant Dispenser Countertop D23PRM12F0204E D23. COROB therefore assumes no legal responsibility for reliance upon given information. 5 3 Yellow – Oxide wY1 2. 0 - R1 (October ) Page 2 The present manual contains all information necessary for the foreseeable and normal use of the COROB™ products by the final user.

5 q) / 15 (4 G) / 20 (5. Canister Capacity: 3 quarts: Shelving: Manual adjustment with positioning for quart, 1-gallon and maquina corob manual 12 canister 5-gallon containers: Nozzle Closer: Mechanical, spring-loaded closing device for low-VOC colorants: Colorant Compatibility: Universal, Waterborne and Organic: 12/16 Canisters: 35"W x 24"D x 48"H: Up to 370 lbs. Grizzly® Flat Style Manual Holder 73729 . The unit is available with the following gauges: US (1/48 & 1/96) 29,57 ml USM (1/48 & 1/96) 31,23 ml Metric 1 ml; The COROB™ D50 floorstand has a 4-leg stand with a manual ‘Quick-Fit’ shelf. Page 1 COROB™ D800 HD Automatic Dispenser User’s Manual DU006CENGLISH Version 1. The innovative technology behind FIRST1 is perfect for emerging markets.

Experience FIRST1, the economical, automatic dispenser from Corob. Page 1 COROB™ D600 - D700 - D800TX Automatic dispenser User’s ManualENGLISH V3. 99; Add to Cart More Manual Canisters More Farm Machinery Parts More Information. Brush Belt for 12-Inch Manual Height Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The covers can be opened by using the special key provided. Any reference to companies, names, dates and addresses used in the screens and/or examples is purely accidental, unless otherwise stated, and is intended solely to clarify use of the Corob product. COROB first 70 installation for. Producer&39;s information at www.

(empty canisters) Power: Dual voltage. If not upgrade it. COROB 3-way electric valve (with re-circulation) Canister configurations: Up to 24: Canister sizes l (q-G) 3 (3 q) / 4 (4 q) / 6 (6 q) / 9 (9. Our configurations feature options such as: Stainless steel or synthetic canisters Solvent resistant valves Solvent resistant seals. 1 Configure Dispense Manager 95 13. The manual does not contain guidelines and/or information for product repair.

64 q) Canister material POM (Acetalic resin) Canister stirring Pre-set variable timing function available Circuit flow rate l. Canister Section. Be sure to hold the canister by the handle before maquina corob manual 12 canister releasing the canister. With a selection of configurations that meet nearly any customer need, there is no need to buy something that is “almost” right for your company. Shelf type Manual.

The COROB™ FIRST 70 is available in two frame sizes, one that. Large Manual Canister, Tool Tube, Neoprene Seal, 12" x 3-1/4" 109316 . Robust, yet affordable, FIRST1 is designed to make manual tinting machines a thing of the past. PRODUCER: NAME: PUMP: Max nm. 5 2 Phthalo Blue wB1 2.

The machine is made up of (Figure 3-1): Central dispensing section Right side canister section Left side canister section Figure 3-1 - COROB™. It is the perfect replacement or addition to your current manual dispenser. 12 APL valve Adjusts breathing system pressure limit during manual ventilation. Install the package completely.

Date HS Code Description Destination Port of Loading Unit Quantity Value (INR) Per Unit (INR) Oct 05 :: MANUAL DISPENSING MACHINE, VIZ,COROB INTRA TINT 40, 16 CANISTER COUNTER TOP MODEL. 2 G) 3 (3 q) / 4 (4 q) / 6 (6 q) / 9 (9. Our solutions: dispensers, mixers and shakers, In-plant systems, software and all-in-one solutions for retailers. 3 Dispense Manager connection 95 12. Large Manual Canister,Neoprene Seal, 12 in. COROB™ TATOCOLOR TA 3. funcionando con garantia de 6 mese.

This could mean the configuration of the colorants have to be. This allows the breathing system to vent to the room. 2 Description of units Canisters The machine canisters can be of different capacities and are suitable for containing the product to be dispensed. COROB’s knowledge or is obtained from sources believed to be accurate. Note: Always do a leak test after operating the canister release.

COROB DG COLORANT DISPENSER. Submit a quote for this Hopper Blending Feeding Equipment or callfor more information. maquina corob manual 12 canister of canisters: Canister size (L) Intended mixing amount / day: COROB: D200: below: 16: 2,5: upon 300 L: FAST&FLUID: X Smart: piston: 16. 2 2 pump manual dispensers 82 12. 5 L) Canister Color indication Colorant Maximum Minimum sequence canister canister Number Pasta Reference content content Acomix 1 Yellow – Hansa wY2 2. 5 q) / 15 (4 G) / 35 (9.

This full-featured software is a very easy way to work with automatic dispensers and requires very little learning time. When there is already a version installed make sure it is at least CorobTech 5. The scale shows approximate Information in this manual is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Corob ® S. 5" Leaf Canister Adapter Kit for W530 Manual Hand Vacuum Cleaner. una maquina tintométrica con catorce depósitos para tintes y algunas bases incluidas a la venta de segunda mano por cambio de proveedor de pintura Marca COROB mod: BANCO La máquina está muy bien cuidada y la vendemos con su documentación, instrucciones y con algunas bases de regalo por 3. Manual Dispensers Fluid Management manual dispensers are easy to use and maintain, accurate, reliable, and built like army tanks—they simply go, go, go.

· Also combinations with 5 liter canister are possible however the number of total canister is less. Perfect for architectural coatings, wood stains, stucco, and EIFS, our manual dispensers come with different pump and canister sizes to adapt to almost any need, including LVOC, organic, and. Installation of other dispensers 91 12. Installation of a Corob dispenser 1. ZVAC Replacement Vacuum Cleaner HEPA FilterCompatible with Kenmore Progressive HEPA Upright and Canister Replaces SearsPack 4. COROB FIRST1 is a convenient, fully automatic turntable dispenser designed to make manual tinting machines a thing of the past.

utilizing the technology of larger corob™ machines. In a few steps, color can be dispensed with a wide range of COROB dispensers. COROB D410S (16 x 2,5 L) Acomix 16 canisters (16 x 2. Easy transition into automated tinting increasing accuracy and customer satisfaction with precise and repeatable on-demand tinted paint orders. Aaron Equipment buys, sells, and trades Used- Harbil Manual Paint Colorant Dispenser, Mod. 0 - R1 (04/) ; Page 2 COROB™ is a registered trademark and/or commercial trademark used on an exclusive basis by COROB S. Canister sizes l (q-G) 3 (3 q) / 4 (4 q) / 6 (6 q) / 9 (9. Fluid Man 16,987 views.

6 Canister release Push to remove the canister. 2) to 1,4 (15) according to model configuration. The Harbil NSC Series 80 is iconic as the most trusted and longest lasting manual dispensers in the architectural coatings industry. los canister estan limpios pero limpios de verdad sin chapuzas valvulas engrasadoas con juegos nuevos lista para que el cliente ponga sus tintes y su sistema tintometrico si lo desea. maquina corob manual 12 canister Canister configurations Up to 12 Up to 16 Canister sizes l (q) 2,5 (2. 1 COROB™ TATOCOLOR TB COROB™ TATOCOLOR model TB is equipped with manual shelf and humidifier cap (sliding cap or automatic sliding cap).

and its affiliated companies (hereinafter “COROB”). Maquina tintometrica marca fats modelo leolux 16 canister. View online or download Corob Tatocolor Instruction Manual. 1 1 pump manual dispensers 74 11.

These dispensers are equipped with Teflon®-coated piston seals for extended life on important wear components. CorobTech When Innovatint has to interface with a Corob dispenser it is necessary to install CorobTech. 2 Connection 91 12. Dispensing Section. Los portes serían a cargo del comprador. 8 out of 5 stars 199 . 3 G) according to modules Colorant compatibility: Decorative and Industrial: Water, Universal and Solvent: Footprint m² (ft²). * Dispensing flow Sequential, simultaneous (4G) Canister configurations Up to 16.

V02 - 11/ ABOUT COROB Headquartered in San Felice sul Panaro, Italy, COROB is one of the world’s leading supplier of advanced tinting equipment for the global paints and coatings. Corob Tatocolor Pdf User Manuals. Two covers in the upper part of the machine provide access for filling the canisters. More pictures and information in documentation. · The driving factor for developing COROB™ FIRST 70 was to create a strong and resistant dispenser, while building on the highly reliable reputation of the bellow pumping group.

Maquina corob manual 12 canister

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