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Deliver lab-accurate, real-time analysis for 19 common labs at the point of care. Log in to access specific training and resources for the i-STAT System. The Abbott i-STAT® 1 is a revolutionary handheld analyzer that provides labaccurate test results in minutes for a range of measurements including blood gases, electrolytes, chemistries, coagulation, haematology, glucose and cardiac markers. Results can be printed from the i-STAT 1 using the portable Martel Printer that is included in the i-STAT 1 Starter Kit. • The procedure for testing i-STAT cartridges using the i-STAT 1 Wireless Analyzer is identical to that used by the i-STAT 1 Analyzer (Model 300). Controls should be used immediately after reconstitution. Used ABBOTT i-STAT 1 Blood Analyzer Un venta del la - PROCEDURE MANUAL FOR THE i-STAT SYSTEM 1 REV.

Analyzers (handhelds) can be the i-STAT Portable Clinical Analyzer or the i-STAT 1 Analyzer. Info HQ Manager v2. Handheld Blood Analyzer Distributor Kit i-STAT 1 CLIA Waived Abbott 04J6020 Abbott-04J6020. DATE 17-Feb-11 ART:H. analyzer and cartridges. Abbott Heska i-STAT 1 Model 300 Handheld Portable Clinical Analyzer iSTAT One. The Sofia Analyzer is designed to provide safe and reliable operation when used according to this User Manual.

Biosite Diagnostic Triage Meter Plus Chemistry Analyzer with User Manual. MENU Cartridge Test Procedure Press for Quality Tests. This can sometimes be corrected by conditioning the pins in the analyzer using the ceramic conditioning cartridge. Translated message (English): The device can operate in 220V? October Page 1 Instructions for Updating. Dear Customer, Thank you for your message regarding the Abbott i-STAT 1 analyzer.

Also Includes: - I-Stat 1 Downloader- Serial ref 06F23-43 s/n DSI-Stat Electronic Simulator- ref06F11-01 s/n SPrinter manuals - Abbott point of care JAMS060, JAMS127 CLEW. The i-STAT portable clinical Analyzer (PCA) is used in conjunction with disposable cartridges for determination of a variety of parameters in whole blood. Do not use after expiration date on the box and vials.

4 Turn on the Sending i-STAT 1 analyzer, i-stat 1 analyzer user manual press MENU, and select 7. The fully automated i-STAT System offers a broad menu of tests for diagnostic and treatment indicators related to disease state management and clinical practice guidelines. End the waiting game with the i-STAT Handheld Blood Chemistry Analyzer. A one year extended warranty may also be purchased for 5. Analyzer Description and Preparation 2-1 Analyzer Description and Preparation 2.

i-Stat 1 Analyzer When a sample-filled i-Stat cartridge is inserted into the i-Stat 1 handheld for analysis, the handheld automatically controls all functions of the testing cycle including fluid movement within the cartridge, calibration and continuous quality monitoring. Using just 2 or 3 drops of blood, the system provides time-sensitive tests at the patient’s bedside in just minutes. • The i-STAT 1 Wireless Analyzer has the capability to run all current i-STAT cartridges.

The clinic didn&39;t need this particular analyzer, and that is the only reason it is for. If the analyzer is used in a manner not specified in the User Manual, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired. Title: Untitled-7 Created Date: 10:11:06 AM. Abbott - i-STAT 1 The i-STAT portable clinical analyser is a true Point Of Care analyser designed to be used at the patient&39;s bedside for critical care te. When a sample-filled i-STAT cartridge is inserted into a handheld for analysis, the handheld automatically controls all functions of the testing cycle. - poor storage conditions of cartridges (frozen or too warm). The Analyzer Status page in the i-STAT 1 analyzer will list the CLEW and JAMS software versions currently installed.

View online Operation & user’s manual for Abbott i-STAT 1 Measuring Instruments or simply click Download button to examine the Abbott i-STAT 1 guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer. These instructions have been created specifically to guide you through the process of updating the soft-ware on your i-STAT 1 handheld(s). This portable tool helps you provide a patient-centered approach, allowing you to diagnose and treat in the same visit.

i-STAT Controls for ACT and PT/INR Store at 2 to 8°C (35° to 46°F). 1 ANALYZER INTRODUCTION The i-STAT 1 Analyzer is used in conjunction with i-STAT cartridges for the simultaneous quantitative determination of specific analytes in whole blood. 1 – User Guide Art:E Rev. Please see Section 17 of the i-STAT 1 System Manual (Routine Care of the Analyzer & BNP Tests Downloader) for instructions on cleaning and decontaminating the handheld and •. If test passes on the 2nd i-STAT analyzer call POCT Technologist. CAN I UPDATE i -STAT 1 ANALYZERS TO THE LATEST CLEW IF THEY ARE SEVERAL CLEW VERSIONS BEHIND? Please see Section 17 of the i-STAT 1 System Manual (Routine Care of the Analyzer & BNP Tests Downloader) for instructions on cleaning and decontaminating the handheld and •.

The printer can receive data directly from the analyzer via infrared transmission or through a data cable connected to a Downloader. Users can remotely request a JAMS SOFTWARE update for an i-STAT 1 Analyzer from the WINDOW CDS. The i-STAT delivers laboratory quality results in just a few minutes, to help you diagnose and treat patients, whether you’re out in the field or in the exam room. Handheld Blood Analyzer i-STAT 1 Wireless Abbott 03P7501. Overview of the i-STAT System The i-STAT System incorporates components needed to perform blood analysis at the patient’s side. Cartridge Preburst Use Another Cartridge Analyzer has detected fluid on the sensors before it should have. Manuals John Deere D100 User Manual, 56 pages.

Date: 14-Apr- i. 3 Place Sending and Receiving i-STAT 1 analyzers on a flat surface with infrared (IR) windows aligned, approximately 1 foot (30 cm) apart. Do not place near a sunny window or other heat source. When a sample-filled i-STAT cartridge is inserted into a handheld for analysis, the handheld. This analyzer has been i-stat 1 analyzer user manual tested, QC&39;d, and is complete with simulator, external printer, and operator&39;s manual. Manufacturer of the i-STAT System, a handheld blood analyzer for point-of-care testing, and the US distributor for Piccolo Xpress. If test fails – repeat Quality Control check on a different analyzer.

Used ABBOTT i-STAT iSTAT 1 Handheld Blood Analyzer For Sale - DOTmed Listing 2671975: Complete System, Never Been Used, Pelican Case, Warranty! Used ABAXIS VETSCAN I-STAT 1 Blood Analyzer For Sale - DOTmed Listing 2818021: This Abaxis iSTAT 1 system was purchased new a little over 1 year ago and basically has not been used since then. The sale includes the complete system -- i-stat analyzer, printer kit, downloader/recharger, and user manual. The i-STAT Alinity v is an easy-to-use handheld veterinary analyzer that enables acid-base, blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry, and hematology testing all on one portable device. After thawing, the opened or unopened 1. This process should take less than 10 minutes for the first Handheld and less time for additional Handhelds. A portable handheld, a cartridge with the required tests, and 1 to 3 drops of blood will allow the caregiver to view quantitative results for tests commonly needed in physician offices, nursing homes, and clinics. the i-STAT ® 1 Handheld Software.

Kit Includes: - Handheld Blood Gas Analyzer. Abbott i-STAT 1 Portable Blood Analyzer System MN 300-G w/ Printer MN PR-300. We have other iSTAT systems in stock -- please. Refer to the Cartridge and Test Information section of this manual for information on analytes that can be measured using i-STAT cartridges. Place the analyzer on a level surface relatively free of animal hair, dust, and other contaminants.

The i-STAT 1 delivers accurate blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry and hematology results in minutes from i-stat 1 analyzer user manual 2-3 drops of whole blood in a completely portable, handheld package - making it the i-stat 1 analyzer user manual ideal solution for critical care situations, hospital operating room monitoring, exotic animals and research needs at the point-of-care. The analyzer stores up to 50 patient records and permits on-screen viewing of test results as well as transmission of records to a data management system using infrared signals. Abaxis Global Diagnostics | Better at Point of Care | Abaxis. Connecting/Setting Up Equipment Analyzer-to-Analyzer STEP 2. Remove the VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyzer from the shipping carton. i-STAT Controls for Cardiac Markers Store at -18°C (-1°F) in a non-defrosting freezer.

Please refer to the i-STAT 1 System Manual for full details on cartridge testing. More information can be found in Section 2 of the i-STAT 1 System Manual. For full details, see the instructions in the software update packet, or Section 9 in the VetScan i-STAT 1 Operator’s Manual.

The printer is battery powered and can be recharged from a power adapter that is included. Page 5 Procedure Patient Test Procedures Turn the handheld on and press to access the Administration Menu. It also includes a 90 day warranty. DATE 17-Feb-11 ART:H Analyzers (handhelds) can be the i-STAT Portable Clinical Analyzer or the i-STAT 1 Analyzer. 0 mL vial is stable for 4 hours. Page 291 If testing immunoassay cartridges on an i-STAT 1 Analyzer, this code can be related to poor electrical connection between the i-STAT 1 Analyzer and the cartridge. 2 Make sure the power is off on the Receiving i-STAT 1 analyzer.

I-stat 1 analyzer user manual

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